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Travel Kit for Baby & kids
Travel Kit for Baby & kids

Travel Kit for Baby & kids

Everyone knows that personal care products take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Especially when you have yours and your children's. That's why we created the Naïf Travel Kit for Baby & Kids. This way, you have all natural essentials for your (newborn) baby or child at hand, with lots of space left for other things!
  • All holiday or sleepover essentials in a washable cardboard toiletry bag
  • Suitable for sensitive baby skin, including eczema-prone skin
  • Without aggressive foaming agents, such as SLS/SLES
  • Free of microplastics, mineral oils and parabens
  • Also nice as maternity gift or baby shower gift
Contents: Shampoo 30ML, Body Lotion 30ML, Wash Gel 30ML, Bath Foam 30ML