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This way you can sleep well during your pregnancy

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Hormones, a growing belly, heartburn, and anxiety do not promote a good night’s sleep. Are you still sleeping well? No? Naïf has gathered some useful tips for you below. After all, bringing a child to the world takes a lot of energy, so every bit of sleep helps! 1. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm You will find that when you have been out with your friends for a night or have done something that required you to stay up late, you will have a restless sleep. This has everything to do with rhythm. Your pregnant body likes rhythm; so try to keep it as much as possible. If you’re tired during the day then taking a nap is definitely a good option. However, make sure that your naps are not too long (or too often!) otherwise you won’t sleep at night. 2. Peeing = getting up Because of the growing belly and pregnancy hormones, you may have to pee more often than usual. It is wise to drink nothing after 8 o’clock in the evening. Maybe a sip of water after brushing your teeth but that’s it. This way you will avoid having to go to the toilet three times a night. 3. Choose the sleeping posture that makes you feel the most pleasant Often it is your left side with a pillow between your legs. It may not look very charming, but hey, who cares! It’s all about you now. 4. Dive in your bed Do not scroll through your phone, put your iPad away and avoid television before bedtime. Take a warm bath or hot shower and make sure to rub yourself with a nice oil like our Soothing Baby Oil. 5. Fresh air Getting a breath of fresh air is always a good idea. It is not unwise to go for a small walk after dinner for fresh air. We understand that you may not feel like it, but try! See if you will have a better night’s sleep because of this. 6. Cold room It is not wise to sleep in a warm bedroom when you are pregnant. Your body temperature is often warmer than usual (sometimes colder in the beginning), so make sure to keep your bedroom well-ventilated by switching off the heater and open a window if necessary. 7. Restless legs Nothing is as annoying as restless legs at night. It can really keep you from having a good night’s sleep. The underlying causes for restless legs can be, for example, deficiency in vitamins and minerals such as iron. So have it checked with your doctor! 8. Change your bed sheets It’s good to sleep in a clean and fresh bed, isn’t it? So why not change your bed sheets a little more often than usual? 9. Worrying A pregnant woman can get very tensed and worried. Her thoughts do not stop. On the one hand she becomes “wiggy” in her head, on the other hand she is a manic. There are women who are still shopping on their phones at night. Do you recognise this? Put a book next to your bed and write everything that comes to mind. This is how you can calm your mind down. 10. Something to eat next to your bed Are you feeling nauseous? Then put a pack of biscuits next to your bed. You will notice that this will make your stomach feel better and you are less likely to wake up feeling nauseous.