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Tip from Elian: soak and smear

Geplaats door op

Taking a daily shower is potentially bad for your skin. My tip: "soak and smear"
The cold winter weather of the last few months has resulted in a dryer skin. The combination of cold weather and our love for taking a daily shower is the perfect recipe for an extremely sensitive skin and eczema!
Should we shower less? No would be my answer. It is not how often you take a bath or a shower it is the way you go about it. The hardest part is to educate people in their shower behavior. Soap damages the natural essential oily layer on top of our skin; it actually dries our skin.
My tips are use lukewarm water, a soap-free shower or wash gel and limit your shower time to a minimum. After bathing it is important to hydrate your skin as soon as possible with a moisturizer such as body lotion.
Research has shown that taking a bath can work therapeutically for an extreme dry and eczema skin. Soaking in lukewarm water actually helps the skin to retain water and hydrate itself. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes and smear with a basic moisturizer. The criss-skin allows moisture to get-in, which helps to regenerate the layer of natural essential oils.

We use the term "soak and smear" in dermatology. This technique is especially useful for babies and toddlers, as we know they tend to have a dryer skin compared to adults. Naturally, we would like to keep it smooth and tender.