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Our favourite gifts for the holidays

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With the holidays right around the corner it is time for some serious gift shopping for your little ones. As we can imagine there is other things on your mind besides shopping we have listed our favourites for you. Besides our brand new gift set, which is of course the must-have for the Holidays we are a big fan of the seven items below. Find out where to buy them by clicking the store link. Happy shopping! holidayfavourite_wide 1. Mimicircus Tableware with beautiful illustrations made by the Dutch artist Fiep Westendorp.via Fish on the Moon. 2. 100& bio backpack with Ice Bear print via Coq en Pate. 3. For the cool kids on the block we have selected the Little Bandit Pants via Lucky No 7. It is a boys brand, but obviousely cool girls are allowed. 4. A baby that sleeps through the night is a gift for every parent. With the Fresk pyjamas they are not guaranteed to do so, but they will at least look good waking up ;) 5. Warm winter feet with the Indian Feet Booties via Little Indians. 6. The new black Wishbone Bike is made from carpets and is floor covering recycled into a 3-1 balance bike. You can buy the classic wooden editions via Moeders Mooiste. 7. The beautiful Kandindocka doll all the way from Sweden via Cozy Kidz. 8. NAÏF Gift Sets > shop now