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Mom's favorites at the "Negenmaandenbeurs" in Amsterdam

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Header-Blog-MOMS-600x255 4 fresh Dutch brands developed by a new generation of moms and dads for a new generation of kids. Parents only want the best for their kids, and so did the founding fathers and moms of the four Dutch brands Naïf, Milestone™, de Kleine Keuken and Fresk. The idea for each brand arose with the first steps of parenthood experienced by all seven founding fathers and moms. All parents developed products and brands based on their own, but especially, their baby’s needs. They have now joined forces and will present themselves as Mom’s Favorites during the upcoming “Negenmaandenbeurs”, a mother and child trade fair, at the Rai in Amsterdam. Mom'sFavorite-ProductSamplesjpg Mom's Favorite 1: Shampoo, cream, oil and soap made from seriously natural ingredients. Naïf has a full range of baby cosmetic products mildy formulated for your baby’s skin. The brand was developed by two young fathers with the helpful input of many moms. The result? Loads of cute, heavenly smelling, fresh babies. Mom's Favorite 2: Milestone™ makes sets of photo cards to capture and remember special moments that make you smile. The idea came from Dutch mom Gemma Broekhuis who wanted to capture the first time her son rolled over. She wrote a card, added the date, and took a picture of her son with it. She decided to turn her idea into a product: the Milestone™ Baby Cards. The cards are now amongst the top 3 baby shower gifts world wide. Mom's Favorite 3: Small bites and cookies without evil additives but only made from the most natural and original ingredients? De Kleine Keuken (The Small Kitchen) provides lovely delicious meals, cookies and bread spreads that make your baby want to eat healthy. Mom's Favorite 4: Vintage design with that special Scandinavian touch? FRESK brings colors and cuteness into baby’s little world. Their romper suits, pajamas and sleeping bags are by now sold in 30 countries. The products are made of 100% organic cotton wool and designed in the Netherlands. Gemma Broekhuis, founder and designer of Milestone™: “That we join together in order to present ourselves makes perfect sense to me. Our brands were born, just after our babies were born. We, a new generation of critical parents, were in search of attributes like quality and resistance when it comes to baby products. Since we could not find what we were looking for, we decided to make it ourself. This resulted in attractive, delicious and honest products, made with love. Isn’t that what every mom wants for her child? Hence we decided to call them mom’s favorites. So far, we have only received positive feedback from other parents supporting our name choice. “