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Mineral Oil: not as natural as it sounds

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Did you know that the majority of baby care products contain an ingredient derived from petroleum? YES, you are reading it right, petroleum! This petroleum-derived ingredient is called “Mineral Oil”. Since we did research on Mineral Oil; an ingredient which a lot of care products contain, we have started to become more selective and careful when it comes to purchasing care products. Let us give you 5 reasons why you should avoid Mineral Oil:
  1. Mineral Oil, also known as Paraffinum Liquidum, forms a layer on the skin that will clog pores and block moisture and oxygen circulation of the skin. It has large molecules which are unable to penetrate the surface of the skin, therefore it results in a non-absorbent oily film. Mineral Oil is basically used because of its cheapness
  1. Clogged pores can result in a lack of moisture and oxygen circulation of the skin. The moisture and oxygen circulation of the skin are extremely important for the skin, especially for babies! Lack of moisture and oxygen circulation eventually can cause serious damage such as allergic reactions.
  1. This point is basically related with the importance of moisture. It is no secret babies need a lot of moisture, especially newborns. They absorb and lose moisture way faster than we do. A qualitative good moisturizer is therefore very important! Even though it has been proven that Mineral Oil is not a moisturizer, they still claim the contrary. Fortunately NAÏF knows better and now you do too!
  1. Another feature of Mineral Oil is that this petroleum-derived ingredient attracts dirt, as this oil is very greasy and sticky. Not only does Mineral Oil dry out your skin, it can also make your skin impure and dirty. An impure skin can cause serious damage, such as acne.
  1. Care products made from among others Mineral Oil, frequently also contain other harmful and dangerous ingredients such as the chemical preservatives called Parabens and Phenoxyethanol. All these aggressive and harmful ingredients are simply used and combined in order to produce care products the cheapest way possible!
These five reasons give you enough evidence to avoid Mineral Oil, especially when it comes to Baby care products. Now that you have learned a bit more about one of the many harmful ingredients the majority of care products contain, we would like to challenge you to google the first two ingredients of your babies’ and your care products to see what comes out! IMG_0511 I bet you are convinced of avoiding Mineral Oil and other harmful ingredients in your babies' and your own care products. Fortunately our Baby care products do not contain any chemical ingredients, as they are based on natural ingredients. You can buy them here! If you got curious and want to read more about chemical ingredients and safe cosmetics we recommend you to go to the official Safe Cosmetics website.