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4 Common Baby and Toddler Skin Conditions

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1. Eczema

Eczema is a very common skin condition that affects more than 1 in 10 babies. It is a condition that comes in various forms, of which constitutional eczema is the one most suffered by babies and young children. Another name for this type of eczema is atopic dermatitis. And it reveals itself by the appearance of red spots, fluid blisters, small bumps, and an overbearing itching sensation. Especially, the itching, which results in scratching, may transform the condition from mild to more moderate or severe.

Fortunately, eczema is a very apparent condition and in the case of children, can be detected from its very early stages. Parents should, therefore, be aware of the condition’s commonplace of occurrence, such as the face, cheeks, and behind the ears. For older children, eczema can often migrate to the hollows of the knees, wrists, ankles and elbow folds.

Sadly, we do not know much about the cause of eczema. What we do know is that babies with eczema may have food allergies (e.g. lactose intolerance), genetic disposition or chemical sensitivities (e.g. harsh ingredients found in soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc.).

What can you do about eczema?

  • Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate! To minimise the itchy sensation, it is essential to keep the skin well moisturised. We recommend applying a hydrating cream to your mini-me, such as our Nurturing Cream. This cream contains cottonseed and almond oil. In other words, it is ultra-soothing ~
  • Keep your little one's nails as short as possible! The shorter the nails, the less they can scratch. Another useful trick is to put socks or sustainable Bamboobino hand mittens on your baby’s hands.
  • Dress your little one as lightly as possible and use natural fabrics with natural dyes.
  • Washing your child every day is not necessary. In fact, exposing your child to long, warm showers or baths (especially in the colder months) can severely dry out the skin. Nevertheless, during your baby’s washing routine we recommend using a mild oil-based washing product, such as our Milky Bath Oil.
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2. Diaper Rash

Has your baby been experiencing red and tender skin around the diaper area? This skin condition may be a nappy rash, which is common and characterised by the tender red skin on the buttocks, thighs, and genitals. Ouch! Luckily there is our very own solution: Naïf’s Diaper cream! This super cream contains zinc oxide. This is an ingredient that protects, cools and heals the skin. Naïf's baby-bum cream also contains chamomile and vitamin E for the ultimate soothing sensation.

To prevent the skin condition, replace the nappy immediately after usage and gently pat the buttocks dry or leave them to air dry. Also, keep in mind that baby wipes can often contain irritating ingredients such as phenoxyethanol, which can further irritate the vulnerable skin. Therefore, we kindly advise using natural alternatives, such as coconut oil, water or Plastic Free Baby Wipes to gently clean the skin.

3. Baby Acne

Pimples on your baby's face? Yes, that is possible! In fact, babies can also suffer from acne. Interestingly, the most common belief among mothers is that these hormones are coming from breast milk. This is just an old wives’ tale. We now know that this skin condition often starts in the womb. How? Well, during the pregnancy the hormones that create acne get through the umbilical cord into the baby’s system; and stay there for a while after birth. Wow… Yep, and just as with adults, this skin condition's trigger is the accumulation of extra sebum, which in turn creates clogged pores. Naturally, every baby is different and parents should be aware that acne does not always immediately develop after birth. In reality, it can take up to 4 weeks after birth for 'baby acne' to manifest.

Unfortunately, in addition to 'normal' baby acne, there is also another type of acne: Erythema Neonatorum Toxicum (ENT). With this skin condition, the lumps are rather pale yellow or white and solid when touched. The specific cause of this type of acne is unknown. Nonetheless, we can assure you that ENT is as innocent as baby acne, and tends to disappear within a week.

The advice
With baby acne, we recommend non-oily creams that will not clog the skin. Oh, and a little bit of patience goes a long way— there is no need to stress yourself or the baby’s skin.

4. Heat Rash

This type of skin condition often occurs in the summer, but can also occur when a baby is dressed too warmly. Heat rash is experienced in the form of painful blisters filled with fluid. Specifically, in places where glands can be found (armpits, face, neck) you often see the blisters manifest. There are four types of heat rash:

  • Miliaria crystalline: clogging of the glands on the surface of the skin. The clogged glands then become bumps filled with clear fluid. They often disappear after a few hours. This specific type of bump does not itch or feel painful.
  • Miliaria Rubra: Commonly found in adults, this rash manifests deeper in the skin. Those with miliaria rubra experience a build-up of red bumps. These types of bumps are itchy and if compulsively scratched can become infected (e.g. pus).
  • Miliaria Profunda: From all the rash types, this is the most uncommon one; and mostly experienced by highly active adults. The rash manifests deep in the skin and/or sweat glands. The symptoms include itching, pain, sickness, and light-headedness.
  • Miliaria Pustulosa: This type of rash forms when bacteria get into the rash bumps. Consequently, pus then fills the lumps. Miliaria Pustulosa is accompanied by itching and pain.

Our recommendation:
Just as with acne, it is important for the skin to be able to breathe! Therefore, we advise parents not to use greasy creams that can clog the pores. It is preferable to apply our very own Diaper Cream, as this could have a soothing and cooling effect.

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