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10 Amazing and Affordable Gifts for a Sustainable Holiday

Geplaats door Sjoerd Trompetter op

Jewellery? Beauty products? Books? Or even clothing? With so many wishes and so little time, we have chosen 10 amazing eco-friendly gifts for the conscious and modern woman and man!

For the Ladies

1. For the skincare obsessed

We recommend gifting your loved one a sustainable beauty kit, such as the Naïf body or Face kit (or…maybe both?) which will include all the healthy skincare essentials! In fact, why not go a step further and D.I.Y. your own kit by mixing and matching various products? This way your loved one will be ready to enter the new year with a glowing complexion! 🌟


2. For the fashionable woman

Need a gift that is original, classy and naturally-sourced? Look no further. The jewellery designed and created by L. Greenwalt will most definitely meet your glam and green criteria. The sustainable pieces, such as the ‘Statement cuff bracelet' or ‘GeometricGold Necklace', with their abstract and vintage aesthetic, should be a staple for every woman’s wardrobe. Excited? Well, we promise that which such timeless pieces your loved one will definitely be!

3. For the trendy tea lover

Let us be honest, we all have someone in our lives that is truly enamoured with tea. So, why not make them joyful by gifting them beautifully designed and sustainable tea accessories?

Our advice? Keep it easy and choose one of VIVA Scandinavia’s affordable and ethical ready-to-ship tea sets from their stylish collections. In case you really want to go all out, you can even gift a special person fair and organically grown tea, such as those by Clipper!

4. For the fitness fanatic

For all the gym-lovers and those whose new year resolution is to be as fit as possible we recommend sustainable and biodegradable athletic wear. Perfectly on-brand is the fashionable and ethical wear by Tala and Wolven.

Don’t hesitate, check them out, and surprise your loved ones with a beautiful gift!

5. For the bookworm

One can never go wrong with a book. Take for example ‘Self-Care for the Real World’ which is an essential, easily understood and instructive read for those willing to explore their inner self (or those who are already on a self-discovery journey).

Tip: If possible, we recommend to gift someone an audio- or e-book (stay sustainable!)

For the Gents

1. For the all-year-round beard grower

Do you maybe have a friend or family member obsessed with growing a long-ass beard? Because, in that case, you can gift them amazing sustainable self-care products that will definitely stimulate beard growth. In fact, why not put together your own beard-maintenance kit as a gift? We recommend including products, such as a beard balm, beard and moustache brush, aftershave tonic and maybe even a stainless razor! If this seems like too much work, you could also gift a ready-made ‘zero-waste shave kit’.

Affordable, sustainable and beard-friendly— what more can a man wish for?

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2. For a no-nonsense skincare routine

Male or female— in order to face the harsh effects of the weather, we all need something to keep our skin strong and boosted! So, in case you are searching for something that has little chemicals, is neutrally scented and easy to apply (who needs a 10-step skincare routine, anyways) we definitely recommend the Naïf Face kit as a gift. These carefully selected sustainable and biodegradable products are suitable for all skin types and are easy to apply in the mornin’ and evening (Just sayin’).


3. For the cool man

Is he always complaining about the cold? Does he shiver at the mere mention of going outside in the winter? Is he always stealing your scarf? Good. Or… maybe not, but it does make choosing a gift easier! To warm up your perpetually cold friend or family member we recommend investing in sustainable (long-lasting) winter essentials, such as the Fisherman’s Rolled Beanie, ReNew fleece jacket or sweat shirt!

christmas gift

4. For the shoe man

The shoes from Saola are so stylish, you can’t even tell they are made from algae! They come in various styles and colours, so there is plenty to choose from and none to walk away from.

Definitely a gift to get!

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5. A gift for the food-lover

The ‘zero-waste lunch kit’ by PackageFree is the ultimate gift for the amateur Gordon Ramsey. For the adventurous foodie, you can even add a long-lasting pocket knife.

Stainless steel, strong and reusable— in other words, the perfect gift! 🎁

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