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8 x tips for how to have a good night's sleep

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We all have days when we have restless sleeps. This might be related to your many aspects of your life, such as work stress or family. Regardless, it is good if you can get a good night’s sleep every night. 1. Go to bed around the same time every evening Your body likes regularity. All hormones can then perform according to a fixed pattern. Mentally, you will also know where you stand! This is why you are completely burned out if, for example, you have a stressful day at work and then still have to take care of your baby when you get home. So listen to your body. If you are tired then go to sleep. 2. Do not drink coffee after 3:00 pm Not only coffee but also chocolate and tea with caffeine will keep you up at night. Better to eliminate all this at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It can take a while before caffeine can get out of your blood so make sure to reduce your caffeine intake as early as possible. The effect of caffeine halves every 5 hours. So imagine this, when you start your day at 8:00 am with eight cups of coffee, at 13:00 pm you still have the equivalent of four cups of coffee in your blood. At 18:00 pm you will have the equivalent of two cups and when you are going to (try to) sleep it is as if you just had a cup of coffee. If your body does not react well to caffeine then it is wise to eliminate this altogether. This way you will definitely have a good night’s sleep. 3. Make it dark At least half an hour in advance. For example, take a bath or take a warm shower (not too long because it’s not good for your skin!). Dim all bright lights and light candles. Avoid any stimuli: do not browse the Internet, do not go on your phone, and do not watch videos on your iPad or television before bedtime. Reading a book is a good, but not in bright light! 4. Leave your bedroom for what it is meant to be And for that we mean: sleep, intimacy and rest. For example, once you start to eat in bed or crawl into bed with your laptop, the relaxing effect is gone. When you use the bedroom only for restful things, your body will unconsciously know that it is time to sleep. 5. Mediate Ten minutes is enough. Let your thoughts go without judgement so you can sleep with a clear mind. 6. Do not take naps during the day It is very tempting to take naps, but better not. Taking naps during the day can disturb your day and night rhythm. Chances are that you will not sleep well in the evening if you take naps during the day. 7. Do not eat right before you go to sleep A cup of herbal tea, for example, is a good choice. Or how about almond milk with star anise and a dash of honey? 8. Massage yourself Or even better, let someone else do it. Our Soothing Baby Oil is very nice for this! We bet that you can now sleep like a log!