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4 Things you didn’t know about baby wipes

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1. One, two, three… 2.250 baby wipes. That’s the amount of baby wipes used in England until the age of 3. Which we believe is a low average estimation. That would mean only 2 wipes a day. Baby’s get dirty, no shit. 2. Trash mountains These baby wipes all end up with the diapers in the trash. The Netherlands create 144 million kilos of diaper trash every year. Naïf Baby Wipes are biodegradable. Unfortunately, once the wipes are used you are not allowed to throw them in the kitchen and garden waste. In order to avoid, for example, medicine residue’s ending up in compost. If you make your own compost, you can use the wipes. Of course.

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3. Don’t flush it Never flush your wipes through the toilet. And also, do not flush them even when the packaging says you can. The pipes will get clogged and that’s something you don’t want. Baby wipes, grease and oil caused a blockage in London the size of a Boeing 747. Yikes. 4. Red alert Many baby wipes contain junk. Not that nice. Dermatologists see more and more kids react to allergens in wipes. So if you rub the bottom and faces, rub it with natural and safe baby wipes. Oh dear, baby wipes are here!