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Five things to do with our Diaper Cream

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Did you know that the secret ingredient to our Diaper Cream is Zinc Oxide? A multifunctional ingredient that is derived from a mineral called Zincite. We use Zinc Oxide because it is very mild and natural ingredient, which offers plenty of benefits to keep your (baby’s) skin healthy. Zinc Oxide, better known as the ingredient that leaves a somewhat white layer on top of the skin, is commonly used in wide range of cosmetics and personal care products such as your make-up and sunscreen lotions as it is a natural UV-Filter. In addition Zinc Oxide is also extremely effective for healing the skin. When applied to the damaged skin it provides the body with the extra zinc to help repair the skin. With its cooling and astringent effect Zinc Oxide makes the perfect basis to help prevent and recover the baby skin from nappy rash. But surprisingly enough this is not the only option to use our Diaper Cream. Find out 5 other ways to use our heavenly smelling cream here> 1. Lip Balm Nice and kissable lips thanks to a Diaper Cream? It might sound a bit strange to put a cream indented for a baby’s bum on your lips, but trust us the Zinc Oxide has a healing and softening effect and in combination with the Vitamin E in the cream your lips sill be soft within no-time. We even have proof..

“When I don’t have any Labello with me, I use some @NAÏF Diaper Cream on my lips, they’re almost kissable again!”

- Marlieke on Twitter

2. A shaving rash miracle So it turns out our Diaper Cream is not only for baby’s and moms, but a miracle worker for dads as well. The next time you are in a hurry and shaved too fast, just apply some Diaper Cream. It is cooling and helps to heal your skin faster. Et voila, you’re good to go! 3. Burn reliever Accidentally burned yourself whilst preparing your favorite meal? Diaper Cream to the rescue! Apply the cream to the burned skin area and the Zinc Oxide will ease your pain because it hydrates and calms your skin down. 4. Foot Cream Cool sneakers and happy socks are the perfect recipe for less happy feet. But hey, don’t sweat it (literarily). The Zinc Oxide in our Diaper Cream fights the acids that are responsible for making your sweat smelly by converting them into zinc salts. 5. Night Cream for dry and sensible skin Zinc oxide is really helpful in the fight against acne. It decreases the production of sebum and speeds up the healing process by decreasing inflammation. Because the Zinc Oxide leaves a somewhat white haze on your face you might want to use the cream before going to bed. Consider is as a nice addition to your beauty sleep. Convinced that our Diaper Cream is multi-functional and cannot be missed in your daily pampering routine? You can order it online or find the closest shop near to you in our store locator. Diaper Cream