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Mom's Favorite 4: Naïf Baby Care

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JochemAndSjoerd“Our Naïf adventure started when we both got the biggest news of our lives, at the same time… we were going to be dads!” Our founding fathers Jochem and Sjoerd believe that kids are perfect just the way they are and refuse to argue with natural perfection. Kids should be kids for as long as they can. They do that best when they are left to grow and discover the world as naturally as possible. The selection of natural cosmetics seems big. But when it comes to skin products it is tricky to know, what’s really good and what is actually a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. What they wanted for their babies was: Yummy smelling quality skincare, without any nasty chemicals, coming in a cute design. So that’s what they made! All Naïf products contain seriously natural ingredients such as cottonseed, sweet almond, macadamia or avocado oil but NO chemicals whatsoever. BabyGiraffeDiaperCreamLotionPlusIndicationGiftBagPlusIndicationSunscreen Front-02 From this spring onwards we have a new member in our product family. Just on time for summer season, we offer our NEW SPF50 Protecting Sunscreen. It has been expertly formulated for the sensitive skin of babies and kids. Of course it is made of natural goodies such as shea butter and zinc oxide, which nourish and protect sensitive skin – We had our dermatologist Elain keep an eye on that.