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Our baby products: what to use and when to use?

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You may already have a nice gift set at home full of our products, but have no clue what to do with them. Worry no more, we got your back! Did you know that your baby is born with a fatty layer, also known as vernix caseosa. This fatty layer is created during the 20th of your pregnancy. The later the child is born, the less vernix caseosa (or grease!) your baby will have on his or her skin. This layer is actually useful because it protects against infections and ensures that your baby’s body temperature does not cool down too quickly. In the first few days, do not be scrub this off. Wait until after a week then gently rub it off with a mild baby oil. Our Soothing Baby Oil is a good choice because it does not contain any harmful ingredients. How often do you have to wash a baby’s hair? During the first few months, you only need water to wash your baby’s hair. If your baby was born with thick hair then you can use shampoo once a week on him or her. Our Nourishing Shampoo is a good option because it will not only clean but also take care of your baby’s scalp. Does you baby have sensitive skin? Then a mild shampoo for your child is a must. Generally, baby shampoos are less acidic than adult’s hair products. Our Nourishing Shampoo is suitable for babies with sensitive scalps. It does not contain PEG, SLS / SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens and mineral oil. This makes it extra mild. Our Naïf Mild Baby Shampoo is dermatologically tested and it gives an instant good hair day. Plus, it smells delicious and the bubbles won’t irritate your baby’s eyes. What’s the best way to wash my baby’s hair? Either in the bath or in the shower: it’s up to you! For a newborn child, the easiest way is possibly in a bath. Gently wet your baby’s hair. Take a little bit of shampoo and massage it on your baby’s scalp. Rinse well and you’re done! It is crucial to remember that a baby blinks only twice a minute, whereas an adult blinks around 15 times per minute. This is why it is important to keep an eye on your baby during bath times and make sure to use a soft washcloth to rub of excess water from your baby’s face. Once your baby is clean, gently dry him or her off with a clean towel. Your baby skin is very delicate and 5 times thinner than adult skin, so do not rub as this will irritate your baby’s skin. Does your baby have a cradle cap? No worries. Your baby is not the only one who suffers from cradle cap. Most babies do not experience any discomfort here. Massage the scalp with a mild baby oil and a soft brush. Then wash the hair with a special mild baby shampoo. And what about the rest of the baby’s body? In the beginning, you will give your child a bath two or three times a week. The hands can be cleaned regularly with a wet washcloth. If your baby has sensitive skin or eczema, then water is enough in the beginning. You can start after a week with a very small splash of bath oil in the bath. Wash your baby well. Pay extra attention to the armpits, groin, between the fingers, and under the neck. Do not leave your baby in the water for more than five minutes. To make it easier for you, we have put together three different kits. The New Born Essentials or The Starters Kit is suitable for the first weeks. Then you can switch to The Toddler Essentials.